John Focke

Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Personal Records: 

Ran the Mount Hood 50 in Oregon twice with a personal best time of 10:16

Completed the Trail Mix 50K

Completed the Afton 50K

Completed the Wild Duluth 50K

Completed  8 marathons with a best time of 3:27

Accomplishments: Named one of ‘Radio’s Rising Stars’ by Radio Ink magazine last summer.

What attracts you to Patagonia?

The beauty of the land, the remoteness of it, the stories I have read of fly fishing in the rivers, running/climbing the mountains.

What does conservation mean to you?

Keeping an area the way it was meant to be.  Respecting nature, and finding ways to live in harmony with it.

Why do you run and how do you keep going?

I run for the simplicity of it.  To get outside and push myself to see what I can do, to challenge myself mentally and physically.  Trail and ultra running is a great way to combine my love of the woods and mountains with my passion for running.
How do I keep going?  Because if I stop, a lot of the time, I will still have to walk to the finish line so might as well keep running/moving.

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