These are the partners who have come together to make the Patagonian International Marathon a success! We thank them for their continuing commitment:

Partnership Opportunities:

Your company could also benefit by becoming involved in the Patagonian International Marathon.

Being a Patagonian International Marathon sponsor is an opportunity to be part of a story that will be heard around the world. We have created a national and international media platform focused on television, print and online media to maximize the ROI from your sponsorship.

Your brand will effectively:

  • Extend brand awareness
  • Promote an environmentally responsible image
  • Re-brand and/or product launch
  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors

It is never too late to join in this unique event.

“Last Generation sponsorship uses the uniquely emotional power of sponsorship to drive the brand’s entire marketing program. Sponsorship is now not supported by other media, but acting as a catalyst to make that other media more effective.”

Kim Skildum-Reid (one of the world’s top corporate sponsorship consultants)


For more information about NIGSA sponsorship opportunities, please contact: