About the Run

Are you ready to run in the wild?

Patagonian International Marathon takes place entirely in the majestic Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.

The event features four race distances:

  • Ultramarathon (60 km)
  • Marathon (42 km)
  • Half Marathon (21 km)
  • 10km

Each race distance will have different starting points; however, everyone finishes in the same location.

The race route has magical and breathtaking landscapes. Mountains of granite and ice rise more than 2,500 meters above the race route. Multicolored lakes and wildlife are abundant, which include condors, guanacos, foxes, huemul, pumas, and rhea, among others. The surface of the race route is a winding gravel road with a total climb (ascent + descent) of 2,400 meters (for 63k). Another relevant factor that marks the character of the event is high likelihood of strong winds.

Cup Free Event

In continuing our commitment to the Leave No Trace policy, this year cups will NOT be provided at the Start or Finish Lines, or at Aid Stations.
This means every runner is required to carry with them their own water hydration system, handheld water bottle, or bladder system.
By going cup free, we are hoping to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce Waste: Thousands of disposable cups will be kept from going into the garbage.
  • Reduce Litter: Because the wind is so strong in Torres del Paine National Park, cups can easily blow off the tables. By going cup free, we eliminate the chance for littering the park with disposable cups!

The big marathons have you nestled in an urban environment

with impressive towers of concrete and glass.

In Patagonia we do not have large buildings, here our towers are of granite and ice,

and rise over 2,500 m above the race course…

We invite you to live a different experience:

Come feel the power of nature!

Patagonian International Marathon: Running in and for Patagonia!

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