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The only runner who has run in every edition:
“It’s a unique and exciting event”

The sporting career of Luis Ortiz (76) began the same year as Patagonian International Marathon®. In 2012, after becoming a widower, the Civil Electrical Engineer decided that he would begin running: “I said to myself, ‘how can I spend my time and energy?’ And so I changed the chip”, he recalls. Thus, he registered for a 10K event organized by the Air Force in the Metroplitan Region and enjoyed it so much that he sought additional challenges. The launch of the first marathon in Torres del Paine National Park appeared as a blip on his radar: “I traveled to join the first edition and haven’t stopped attending the event since.” I traveled to join the first edition and haven’t stopped attending the event since…

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8 nutrition tips to achieve your best performance
in Patagonian International Marathon®

Since its creation in 2012, Patagonian International Marathon® has become a multinational event. Athletes, fans and travelers from different parts of the world land in our wonderful region of Magallanes to participate in this historic race taking place in Torres del Paine National Park. Some come with the mindset to compete hard in order to achieve their goals and others come to enjoy the beautiful landscape gifted to us by the extreme south of Patagonia. Whichever the case may be, all runners must come prepared. In addition to technical training, physical preparation, and concern for clothing, runners must recognize that nutrition is a key aspect…

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“Chilean Forrest Gump” will return to Patagonia
and here we remember his unforgettable trip to the tenth anniversary

In the event’s tenth edition, which took place in September 2022, Patagonian International Marathon® had a very special guest: Antonio Marshall… or better known as “Chilean Forrest Gump,” who competed in the 21K alongside almost 400 runners from all around the world. The character’s participation caught the attention of his peers, who enjoyed one of the many anecdotes that this race has provided us with over the past decade. The “Chilean Forrest Gump” traveled from the Metropolitan Region to Magallanes…

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Recommendations from César Díaz and Karen Torrealba,
two winners of Patagonian International Marathon®

The eleventh edition of Patagonian International Marathon® is quickly approaching, and César Díaz, alongside Karen Torrealba, provide recommendations for the next participants. The first marathon of Torres del Paine National Park is scheduled to take place this 9 September, 2023, and it will feature race distances of 42K, 21K and 10K, which have been the classic distances since the 2016 edition. After completing the race in 1:14:00, Díaz was the big winner of the 21K in last year’s tenth anniversary edition. Meanwhile, Torrealba was the first women to cross the finish line for the same distance: completing the race in 1:23:27. Both runners will compete again in the next edition …

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