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Map & Elevation Profile

Patagonian International Marathon® takes place in the extreme south of the American continent, at 51° south latitude, in a privileged location of Western Patagonia, located to the east of the Great Southern Ice Field and in the surroundings of Torres del Paine National Park. The race zone is approximately 100 km to the north of Puerto Natales.

In this satellite image you can visualize the geographical surroundings, the race route, the access roads to the race zone and a few other places that may be of interest to you:

MAP 2024


Patagonian International Marathon Map 2024 Patagonia, Chile



Patagonian International Marathon Elevation Profile 2024 Patagonia, Chile



10K 21K 42K
Distance (km) 10.5 20.2 42.2
Distance (miles) 6.5 12.6 26.2
Ascent (+) 140m 450m 1,020m
Descent (-) 350m 460m 920m
Maximum Altitude 351 masl 351 masl 351 masl
Maximum Race Time 3 hrs 6 hrs 7 hrs
Starting Time 7 Sep / 10:00 7 Sep / 11:00 7 Sep / 10:00
Starting Line PAS Alto
Torres del Paine National Park
PAS Mirador Nordenskjöld
Torres del Paine National Park
PAS Puente Weber
Torres del Paine National Park
Finish Line Welcome Center / Reserva Las Torres
Cut-Off Schedule Puente Negro: 16:00 Mirador Nordenskjold: 13:30
Puente Negro: 16:00
Awards Ceremony Finish Line Finish Line Finish Line
Aid Stations (PAS) * 3 5 8
* The Starting Line and Finish Line are both considered as a PAS.

NOTE: In cases of force majeure – including, but not limited to, fires, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, accidents, justified reasons or permits from any competent authority – the organization reserves the right to modify any of the schedules, any aspect of the race route or aid stations at any time, even during the course of the event if deemed necessary (see rules & regulations).

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