Patagonian International Marathon 2016 Provincia de Ultima Esperanza Sector Villa Serrano

General Rules

Article 01: The Race

1.1. The name of the event is “Patagonian International Marathon,” hereafter also referred to as “The Race” or “The Event.”

1.2. Club Outdoor Sport and NIGSA, the entity that created the Patagonian International Marathon, are organizing the Event, and will hereafter be referred to as the “Organizers” or the “Organization.”

1.3. The Race Director is the highest authority in The Event.

1.4. The official languages are English and Spanish.

1.5. The race distances for the 2021 edition are: 42 km, 21 km and 10 km. The route has been established on gravel roads, created for vehicles, whose surface is mixed between asphalt and gravel sections.

1.6. The event is based on the concept of a life experience in a natural environment, integrating sport, healthy living and conservation. It is organized with the greatest respect for the environment and in the context of the Olympic spirit.

1.7. No prize money will be awarded.

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Article 02: Participation

2.1. Registration for the Event will close on August 24, 2021.

2.2. The minimum age to participate in the distance of 42km and 21km is 18 years old. The minimum age for the 10km is 16 years old. In both cases, the age of the person on Race Day will be considered.

2.3. Running a marathon requires a high level of physical fitness. To enroll in the Patagonian International Marathon, the runner accepts and understands that he/she must have the physical fitness suitable for a test of this kind, by the day of the race.

2.4. The participant takes part in the event voluntarily, assuming all of the responsibility for his/her activities, actions, belongings, health, and physical and psychological integrity. He or she explicitly renounces all responsibility, and thus waives the ability to make any claim against the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, and/or representatives thereof, with regard to any damages, including, but not limited to, the following: physical pain, morals, thefts, misplacements/lost items, or any other incident he or she could suffer personally or have occur to a third-party member, his/her friends, or belongings before, during, or after the event.

2.5. The number and corresponding timing chip are registered only in the name of the registrant, and cannot be exchanged once they are collected at kit pick-up.

2.6. The Organization reserves the right to disqualify any runner that does not use his/her number during the race.

2.7. Only the runners who complete the race will receive a Finisher Medal for having reached the finish line and completing the Patagonian International Marathon (No diploma will be given out).

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Article 03: Categories

3.1. The classification of runners in each race distance, 42, 21, and 10 km, will be made according to categories given by ranges of age and sex. There are a total of 12 categories, which are presented in the following table:

CategoryAge Range: MenAge Range: Women
Hares16 – 17 (10K Only)16 – 17 (10K Only)
Guanacos18 – 2918 – 29
Pumas30 – 3930 – 39
Huemuls40 – 4940 – 49
Foxes50 – 5950 – 59
Condors60 – 6960 – 69
Mylodons70 +70 +

Note: The categories have been named in recognition of the natural environment in which the event takes place; the assigned names correspond to the fauna that inhabits the place.

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Article 04: Permitted and Non-Permitted Equipment

4.1. The use of roller-blades and other forms of wheeled progression is not permitted.

4.2. The use of trekking poles is permitted. In order to use them, you must carry them for the entire race, meaning from the starting line to the finish line.

4.3. Each runner must run unassisted. Any and all forms of towing are not permitted. Any form of external assistance or following a runner / the route in bicycle is not permitted either.

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Article 05: Timing of the Race

5.1. General race time will begin at the moment of the official start. Individual race time will begin when each competitor crosses the start line and will end when he/she crosses the finish line.

5.2. Competitor timing will be by electronic chip. Each chip is unique and corresponds to the runner’s number. They are not transferrable.

5.3. All runners must have their official number securely attached to the front of their clothing and visible at all times during the race. The timing chip must be fastened to a runner’s shoes as instructed.

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Article 06: Day of the Event

6.1. It is a runner’s individual responsibility to be at the defined starting points an hour before the start of each distance, whether it be using his or her own personal means of transportation, private transportation, or the event’s official buses. The starting times according to each race distance are the following:

DistanceStart TimeLocation
42K11:00Cruce Bahía El Bote (Ruta Y-200, Km 27)
21K12:00Botadero (Ruta Y-290, Km 47)
10K12:15Mirador Cuernos (Ruta Y-290, Km 57)

6.2. The Event Organizers reserve the right to suspend or cancel the race, change the date or race schedule, or modify the route and aid stations in cases of force majeure, including, but not limited to, the following: fire, war, acts of terrorism, exceptional climatic conditions, natural disasters, accidents, or for security reasons or justified orders from a competent authority. In those cases, no refund will be given to the Participant.

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Article 07: Runner’s Kit

7.1. In order to apply for or retrieve the Runner Kit, the Runner must have met all the requirements to enter the race.

7.2. The schedule for picking up the runner’s kit will be announced officially in the Runner’s Guide, but a preliminary schedule, which will take place in Puerto Natales, can be found below:

23 SEP15:00 – 22:00Espacio Ñandú – Prat 200
(In front of Plaza de Armas)
24 SEP10:00 – 22:00Espacio Ñandú – Prat 200
(In front of Plaza de Armas)

NOTE: Please refer to your Runner’s Guide for any updated dates and/or times for Kit Pick Up.

7.3. The Runner Kit includes the following:

  • Route management & marking.
  • Hydration and food stations along the course route and at the Finish Line.
  • Control points in strategic areas
  • Support Staff and Medical Team during the Race
  • First Aid, Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Teams
  • Ambulance in strategic position
  • Official Runner Shirt PIM 2021
  • Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband PIM 2021
  • Official Race Number
  • Recyclable Timing Chip
  • Medal for crossing the finish line
  • Medal for the first three finishers of each race category
  • Fruit, Hydration, and plate of mini pasta in the Finish Line
  • Access to Portable Toilets in the Starting Lines
  • Digital Runner’s Guide
  • Bag-transfer from Start to Finish Line

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Article 08: Sporting Behavior

8.1. All runners must follow the instructions given to them by the Event Organizers or their representatives on the course at all times. Refusal to follow any such instruction may result in penalty or even disqualification.

8.2. All runners should conduct themselves in a sporting manner, showing respect to other runners and the Event Organizers. Failure to do so may result in penalty or event disqualification.

8.3. In cases of accidents or any other type of emergency, Runners must offer assistance to any Runner or member from the Event Organization, if necessary.

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Article 09: Route Control

9.1. The start and finish will be signified with a line on the ground and start and finish banners.

9.2. Spectators may not join the course in order to run or cycle, or use any form of motorized transport alongside race participants. Runners found to be accompanied in this way could be penalized or disqualified.

9.3. Intermediate distances will be marked in kilometers, considering the distance remaining to reach the finish line.

9.4. The last runner on the course will be followed by a mobile control.

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Article 10: Security on the Route

10.1. There will be both stationary and mobile medical teams along the race route. If any member of those teams determines that a runner must not continue, the competitor must obey his/her command and/or instruction.

10.2. Runners may request assistance for minor problems from medical teams found along the route, and then either continue or not, as determined by the assisting medical personnel.

10.3. If a runner is not able to complete the race, he/she must inform any member of the Organization and wait at the nearest aid station, from where he/she will be transferred to the finish line, once the last runner has passed.

10.4. The organization is not responsible for any cost associated with injuries that may occur during the preparation, the transfer to or from the place of the event, or participation in the race. This includes, but is not limited to, medical costs, transport to and from a hospital, services of qualified medical assistance, or any drug product as necessary. For this reason, all participants must have an adequate and valid personal insurance in Chile.

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Article 11: “Leave No Trace”

11.1. The race is organized under the principles of “Leave no trace.” Runners will not leave clothes, bottles, food wrappers, or any other waste on the route, except for official areas where will be specific canister for garbage.

11.2. At all times, the flora and local fauna must be respected.

11.3. The race take places from from the urban city centers, so toilets will be provided at some points along the course. In extreme cases, runners may leave the course, but should be sensitive to other runners or race staff, avoiding paths, animal tracks streams, and standing water by a minimum of 100 meters.

11.4. Considering the probability of wind and in order to reduce waste and trash, the Event does not provide disposable plastic cups. Runners must carry their own water hydration system or bottle.

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Article 12: Cancellation Policy for Runners

12.1. A runner may withdraw its registration before the start of the race; in these cases a partial refund can be awarded according to the following refund policy:

  • T.B.D.: 25% refund of the total paid amount*. (Refund will not include the percentage paid as commission to the Welcu system).

*Refunds can only be made through Chilean bank account or a PayPal account. No refunds can be made to international bank accounts or directly to credit cards.

  • T.B.D.: No money will be refunded. In this case, the runner can chose to save his/her registration for the 2021 edition for this or any other event organized by the Organization, as long as he/she meets the minimum eligibility requirements to participate in each event. Please consider that if the registration fee is less than that of the original payment, no additional refund will be granted to equalize the difference; however, should the price be higher, you must pay the difference in order to register.
  • In order to take advantage of this option, a Runner must advise the Organization before the day of Event by writing an email to If a Runner does not attend or express his or her intention to postpone registration, it will be deemed as lost.

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    Article 13: Doping Control

    13.1. The Race Organizers reserve the right to implement a doping control. Any runner found to be in violation of the current WADA list (World Anti-Doping Authority), will be disqualified and reported to their national athletic federation and will be ineligible to participate in any NIGSA organized event in the future.

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    Article 14: Release of Images, Photos, Voice, and Video

    14.1. The Participant authorizes both the event organizers and its sponsors the right to utilize any and all mediums from the event, in addition to allowing the following: the right to take their photographs; to use their accompanying images; to film them throughout the event; to record their voice, conversations, and/or testimonials. In addition to the above, the Participant agrees, free from profitable gain, to allow these rights, both unrestricted and without expiration, to be used by the event organization, sponsors, and media.

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    Article 15: General Conditions

    15.1. The Organizers will be cautious at all times with runners personal property, but ultimately, are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to any personal items belonging to competitors or their supporters.

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    Article 16: Changes and Updates to the General Rules

    16.1. The Organizers of the event reserve the right to make changes or additions to the General Regulations at any time prior to the start of the race.

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