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Training Capsules


Training Capsules

1. 👟 What type of sneaker should I use for Patagonian International Marathon 2023?

😅 By far the most frequent question. 🏃🏽‍♀️ Karen Torrealba, asphalt runner and trainer, visited the route and left us with her opinions and impressions after testing a variety of sneakers.

☝🏼🤓 Before starting, and as we have explained in the past, it is essential to know that the route for Patagonian International Marathon follows a gravel vehicular route, with multiple curves, altering elevations and significant climbs. ⚠️ It is not a trail-running race, since at no time will you run through trails.

😌✨ We recommend you test your shoes on similar terrain, focusing on compact gravel, and choose based on your personal sensations and comfort.

🕵🏽‍♀️📚 Now, for Karen’s recommendations and analysis:

🥁 After testing, her preferred sneaker choice was the ones she had already been wearing for trips around the city. She reinforced three fundamental aspects to help you make your selection:

🪨 Cushioning is fundamental and necessary, but so is speed. Finding that perfect combination of both in a sneaker is totally possible for this type of route.

🧘🏻‍♂️💨 It is important to note that they provide a certain degree of flex, which is important when you want to have control over your stride (in relation to the ground), without sacrificing comfort.

✏️🐾 Another essential aspect is that they have “drawings” on the soles, which will prevent slipping (on gravel and climbs/slopes) and increase and stablize your pace.

🗣 To finish, she adds, “it is a challenging route, but beyond your sneaker selection, it will primarily require good physical preparation in your training process. It is a route that requires us to concentrate and run with our eyes wide open”.

2. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️ Training tips for Patagonian International Marathon 2023.

📝 Some tips that Karen Torrealba left us (@ktorrealbac) for your upcoming challenge this September:

🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️ Include at least three high-quality physical preparation sessions per week, with an emphasis on lower-body work.

⚖️ Incorporate technical work: ABC’s of running, skipping, heels, balance, jumps, etc. for better control and security.

👉🏻 And an extra for those who will run the marathon: 📈 complete a considerable volume (overall distance for solid base mileage) in the months of preparation, as greater fatigue will occur due to the the altimetry of the route.

💪🏻 Keep training and stay motivated! 😌 All of your previous work and training will really help you enjoy race day.

3. 🧳 Essential Equipment for Patagonian International Marathon 2023.

☝🏼🌦💨 First of all, it is important to remember that Patagonian International Marathon takes place far from the city, in the heart of the Southern Chilean Patagonia. Here the weather conditions can force us to use additional layers for better thermal protection.

🥶 🥶 It is importatn to note that we all have different degrees of tolerance to cold, and it is your personal responsibility to properly select the equipment you choose to use on race day.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Alongside Karen Torrealba, we invite you to consider the following recommendations:

  • 🎒 Arrive to the starting line with various wardrobe options, allowing yourself to the ability to choose moments before the start of the race. You can store whatever you choose not to wear in your “final runner’s bag” at the starting line, in addition to any clothing you wish to have upon arrival, as it will be delivered to the Finish Line, similar to a “coat-check”.
  • 🗝 The key to adapting to different weather conditions is to dress in layers. You can easily begin to remove layers as you get warmer and need less clothing.
  • 📝 With regards to the essential items, here is a list:
    • 🧶👩🏻‍🦲 Hat or bandana.
    • 🧤 Gloves.
    • 🧥 Waterproof windbreaker with breathable lining.
    • 👖 Full-length running tights.
    • 👉🏻 We could also include:
      • 👚 First layer (synthetic material or wool).
      • 🕶 Sunglasses.
      • 🧵 Of course it is permitted to include additional thermal garments according to your experience and level of preparation.
  • ️📨 And one final tip: make sure to test the equipment during your training sessions and workouts. Avoid wearing new clothing on the day of Patagonian International Marathon… It is better not to risk it and be sure that you have as many factors as possible under control.

4. 💧 Remember to bring your hydration system.

😅🚫🥤 Disposable cups are not used along the Patagonian International Marathon route.

🚰 Each runner must carry their own hydration system to re-fill water or isotonic at the Aid-Stations (PAS). Here are a few options:

  • 🎒🍼 Backpack with soft or rigid bottles.
  • 🥋🍼 Belt with soft or rigid bottles.
  • 🎒🚿 Backpack with hydration bag or CamelBak.
  • 🍼🖐🏼 Portable handheld bottle, either soft or rigid.
  • 🥛 Collapsible cup.
  • 🍼 Soft or rigid bottle.

☝🏼 Based on the suggestions listed above, the least efficient option is probably the hydration pack/bag, as you will need to spend time re-filling during the race.

🎯 What is our goal through not using disposable cups?

⏬🗑 Reduce waste: We prevent thousands of plastic cups from going to waste.

🚫🌪 Avoid the dispersion of garbage: If the weather conditions are not favorable, the winds could not only potentially blow the cups, but also move them considerable distances. By not using them, we eliminate the possibility of causing damage to wildlife and the environment.