Patagonian International Marathon Torres del Paine National Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Patagonian International Marathon®. Here you may find answers to most of your questions. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at

General Information

1. When will the event take place and what distances will it feature?

The 10th Patagonian International Marathon® will take place on Saturday, 10 September, 2022. It will feature three race distances: marathon (42km), half-marathon (21km), and 10km.

2. Where will the event take place?

The Patagonian International Marathon® will take place in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region, Providence of Última Esperanza (Last Hope), Commune Torres del Paine. The region’s capital is Punta Arenas, and the closest city to the marathon’s race zone is Puerto Natales. The routes for the 2022 edition are located within Torres del Paine National Park. The shared Finish Line for all race distances is located at Portería Laguna Amarga. See (Map).

3. What are the routes for the race?

The three race distances share a common Finish Line, located at Portería Laguna Amarga (Torres del Paine National Park). The 42K race distance starts at Portería Río Serrano. The 21K and 10K race distances take place along the 42K route, starting at Pudeto and Cruce Laguna de los Cisnes, respectively. See (Map).

4. On what type of terrain will the event be run?

All distances for the Patagonian International Marathon® are run on gravel, as the routes are designed to pass over the same vehicle routes utilized throughout the Park. The morphology of the terrain is of mid-mountain, so the roads are very twisty, with curves and permanent changing slopes.

5. What type of weather conditions will runners face during the event?

The climate in Patagonia is characterized by highly variable and unpredictable weather conditions in all four seasons; however, in the month of September, which is the date for the event, spring will be on the way! Gradually, the green begins to return after a hard winter. Therefore, you can expect average temperatures between 2 and 10°C, with absolutes maximums even reaching 15°C. Even though it will not be during the traditional season of strong and persistent winds, and going beyond more than just statistics, there is always the possibility that Patagonia will surprise us with some form of a storm to show us her power! Therefore, you must come prepared to confront every possibility! The use of adequate clothing will be fundamental in order to enjoy your experience in these latitudes.

6. What time does the marathon start?

DistanceStart Time
42K10:00 hrs.
21K11:00 hrs.
10K09:30 hrs.
NOTE: For each distance, runners must present themselves an hour before the scheduled start time.

7. What is the time limit for completing the marathon?

There will be a maximum of 7 hours to complete the 42K, in addition to intermediate cut-off points, with the first being at 21km and then again at 31km from the starting line. In this way, you must complete these sections based on the following schedule:

  • The first half of the marathon (21km) in 3.5 hours (Cut-off Time: 14:30 hrs.).
  • The 31km pass in 5.5 hours (Cut-off Time: 16:30 hrs.).

8. Are there any age limits to participate?

In order to participate in either the 42K or 21K, you must be at least 18 years old by 10 September, 2022. In order to participate in the 10K, you must be at least 16 years old by 10 September, 2022.

9. If I am a minor, can I run the 21K or 42K by showing previous experience, adequate health, or parental approval?

Conforming to international standards, it is not permitted.

10. How many aid stations will be located along the route?

The aid stations will be positioned approximately every 5 kilometers. Thereby, including the starting line and finish line for all distances, the 42K will have 9 aid stations, the 21K will have 5 aid stations, and the 10K will have 3 aid stations. Please see the Runner´s Guide for additional details.

11. What are the categories for the Patagonian International Marathon®?

The categories for the Patagonian International Marathon® are the following:

CategoryAge Range: MenAge Range: Women
Hares16 – 17 (10K Only)16 – 17 (10K Only)
Guanacos18 – 2918 – 29
Pumas30 – 3930 – 39
Huemules40 – 4940 – 49
Foxes50 – 5950 – 59
Condors60 – 6960 – 69
Mylodones70 +70 +
Horned OwlsInclusive, physical disabilityInclusive, physical disability

12. Can I leave a drop bag in the Starting Line?

Yes, you are permitted to leave a small bag in your respective starting line, where you must submit it to custodial staff present in the starting line in order to be brought directly after to the Finish Line. The bag must be your own personal bag, and be both properly closed and marked with the sticker provided in your kit. Please remember that while the organization will carefully handle all bags, it is not responsible for any stolen, lost, or damaged items, meaning we recommend that you do not leave any valuable items in the bag.

13. Will there be mandatory equipment required to run the Patagonian International Marathon®?

The only mandatory items required to run the marathon, which must be used at all times, are the following: runner’s number, timing chip, and a non-disposable cup. Considering both the geographical and meteorological conditions present in the race zone, a detailed section labeled “Recommended Equipment” is provided in the official Runner’s Guide, where you will find additional suggestions to help improve your experience and safety during the race. However, please remember that it is the runner’s responsibility to select and evaluate each article of clothing and/or equipment.

14. Will it be necessary to pay an entry fee to Torres del Paine National Park?

For this edition, the race routes are located within Torres del Paine National Park, with the entrance fee to the park being included in the cost of registration, which will be valid only for the day of the marathon. Any companions accompanying the trip must pay for his/her own entry fee. All details regarding entrance into the Park are located on the website of CONAF (National Forest Corporation in Chile):

15. Can I walk instead of run?

Yes, it is permitted, but you must consider that for the case of the marathon, there is a mandatory cut-off schedule that must be respected. In the case that you do not manage to complete this cut-off schedule, you must be transported in the vehicle that will close the race.

16. There will be photographers and press during the event. What will happen if they take my photo or video while I run?

Each year we try to achieve the best coverage for the event, both with external and internal photographers to capture the best photos of the runners and the environment. As stated in the general rules of the Patagonian International Marathon®, each runner, upon registration, has agreed to grant the organization, sponsors, photographers, and media the right to use his/her likeness in photographs, films, audio, and promotional materials for current and future events.

17. Will there be an awards ceremony for the event?

Upon crossing the Finish Line, each runner is awarded a “Finisher” medal, but an official awards ceremony for each category will take place at the finish line, the same night of the event (Saturday, 11 September), between 11:00 and 17:00 hrs.


1. What is the closest airport to the event?

When entering Chile from outside the country, one must first arrive in Santiago, Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, code SCL. From this airport, there are frequent flights to Punta Arenas (PUQ), the capital of the Magellan and Chilean Antarctica Region and the closest city to Puerto Natales and Patagonian International Marathon®‘s race zone.

2. How can I travel from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales?

  • Bus (The trip lasts 3 hours, with buses departing every day from 7:30 hrs. until 21:00 hrs.)
  • Transportation coordinated by your personal accommodation
  • Rented vehicle

3. How can I travel from Puerto Natales to the Starting Line?

  • Official buses for runners: You can purchase your bus ticket along with your registration or after, using your registration link.
  • Transportation coordinated by your personal accommodation.
  • Rented vehicle: The driver CANNOT be participating in the event, due to parking restrictions, and must follow all traffic indications provided before and during the event.

4. How can I travel from other locations to the Starting Line?

  • Transportation coordinated by your personal accommodation.
  • Rented vehicle: The driver CANNOT be participating in the event, due to parking restrictions, and must follow all traffic indications provided before and during the event.
  • The organization DOES NOT offer transportation services from locations other than Puerto Natales.

5. Do I have to wait until the event is over in order to leave the Finish Line?

No, in order to avoid runners accumulating at the Finish Line, the awards ceremony will take place in Puerto Natales and the official buses will leave frequently from the Finish Line to Puerto Natales.

Runner’s Kit

1. Where can I go to retrieve my runner’s kit?

The Runner’s Kit can be picked up in Puerto Natales, based on the following schedule:

08 SEPTTo be confirmedTo be confirmed
09 SEPTTo be confirmedTo be confirmed
NOTE: Please refer to your Runner’s Guide for any updated dates and/or times for Kit Pick Up.

2. What’s included in the Runner’s Kit?

The registration fee includes the following:
– Official Shirt Patagonian International Marathon®
– Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband Patagonian International Marathon®
– Official Race Number
– Returnable Timing Chip
– Personalized Final Bag Sticker
– Sticker Patagonian International Marathon®


1. What is the registration period for the event?

Registration will open soon!

2. How much is the registration fee?

Registration will open soon!

3. How and where can I register?

Registration can be completed through Welcu’s system, entering through the registration section that can be found on our web page here. The possible payment methods are the following: national or international credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. If you live outside of Chile, please use the Dollars tickets to pay; otherwise, your card will be rejected.

4. Is there a special discount available for those living in Magallanes region?

Yes! Please write an email to with your RUT and race distance if your want to participate and we will send you all of the details regarding the discount.

5. Is there any discount for belonging to a sports club, gym, institution, etc?

Yes, during the Pre-Sale and Normal registration periods, you can receive a 20% if your group consists of at least 5 runners. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the information must be completed in the following section or by writing us directly at

6. Will the Organization provide portable toilets?

Yes, the organization will provide bathrooms at some specific points along the route. Due to the fact that the event takes place far from the city, portable toilets must be transported over long distances to their installation points. These services will be included in your registration fee.

7. How do I know if I have effectively registered?

The moment you finish registration, you will automatically receive a ticket from Welcu in addition to a confirmation email from the Organization.

8. What do I have to do if I have registered and paid and not yet received any confirmation from the Organization a few days after?

In this case, you have to check your e-mail for spam. If you cannot find it there, we recommend you to send a message to explaining your situation with your payment receipt attached. Please note that we send each registered runner a welcome e-mail. It may be possible that you have not received a confirmation letter because your registration was incomplete or your email was not properly entered.

9. Can I change any data in my registration form after my participation has been confirmed?

Any changes on your registration may be made until 10 August. These changes may be made through 

10. Once registered, can I change my distance? Until when can I change it?

Yes, you are permitted to change your race distance, but only until 10 August. Please email to change your distance. 

11. Once registered, am I going to receive updates regarding the marathon in my e-mail?

We try to only send relevant information, which may include reminders, important changes, logistical matters, or even promotions from local services that may be attractive and/or beneficial to runners; however, we will not release or share your email address with any third parties.


1. If I injure myself or am unable to participate in the marathon for any reason, will I receive a partial refund?

It depends on the date of when this notice is given to the Organization. For more information, you may check our Rules and Regulations.

2. If for one reason or another I cannot be part of the marathon, can someone else take my place?

Yes, it is allowed. For more information, please review the official Rules and Regulations or write us directly at in order to communicate further details.

3. Should I transfer my registration to another person, how does the new runner know that the change has been confirmed?

Similar to any runner who registers, he or she will receive a welcome email from the organization upon payment.

4. If I chose to save my registration, will I be able to use to run in one of the Organization’s other events?

Yes, it is permitted, provided that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for each event. For more details, please refer to Rules and Regulations.