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Patagonian International Marathon Equipamiento Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile


It is very important to consider the following point as a priority when preparing for the event. Patagonian International Marathon® takes place far from cities, in the heart of Southern Chilean Patagonia. Here, the weather conditions may force you to wear additional layers for thermal protection. Since all participants have different tolerances to cold weather, it is the responsibility of each runner to evaluate and select his/her personal equipment. Properly selecting your clothing for the race will improve your experience and personal well-being during the race.

We recommend that all participants arrive to the Staring Line with various clothing options, opting to make a final decision moments before the race. Any items that are personally deemed unnecessary can be stored in your Final Bag, which can be delivered at the Starting Line with the official bag custodial of the event (you will be given a special sticker to identify your bag within your runner’s kit) and then collected at the Finish Line.

Karen Torrealba, asphalt runner and trainer, visited the route and left us with advice, options and suggestions. Check out all her videos here.

In each of the previous editions of Patagonian International Marathon®, we have witnessed a diverse clothing selection, as many choose to run with the bare minimum, especially the fastest runners who choose to wear only shorts and short-sleeve t-shirts, sometimes including a hat and/or gloves, while others choose to run clothed from head to toe. The following items are a few recommendations that we invite you to consider and have available with you on the day of the race:

Waterproof windbreaker with breathable lining
Hat (Beanie)
First layer (synthetic material or fleece)
Full-length running tights or pants
Sunglasses *
Other thermal garments according to your experience and level of preparation. There are numerous brands that offer clothing with thermal lining that is designed specifically for sports that take place in adverse weather conditions.
* They are highly recommended, and may even be essential for those that are more sensitive. Whether they are used for the sun or the wind, they will always be appreciated here in Patagonia.